I am convinced we are the same

From the way you think to the feelings felt when you’re alone with your thoughts

We are the same; I’m sure of it


I have never looked at someone so similar to myself

Aside from the peculiar identical birthmark that we share

Your thoughts mirror my thoughts

Even our demons are acquaintances


From completely different places

With very different materials

Somehow, we were created in like images on the inside


My soul has always felt lost

I have a feeling yours has too


Sometimes we think that we are doing everything right

With the right person

Going through the appropriate motions in life

But nothing ever felt right; an integral piece was missing

You were my piece


Intuition is a ruthless beast

Intuition will force you to feel the truth even when it tears you apart

Pushed down deep- past our immediate wants

Pushed down beneath the surface to avoid judgment

We care more about what others will think than about listening to ourselves


We could have saved so much time

We could have found each other so much sooner

If we would have listened to what we already knew

The parts of us that knew every yes should have been a no



But ultimately those choices led me to you


Time is something we can never get back

Nothing is more terrifying

How The Man You’re Going To Marry Will Change The Way You Love


When you find the man you are meant to spend your life with it will change the entire way that you feel love.  It will change you and leave a permanent mark on your soul. It will leave you terrified and excited in completely unchartered waters. To me, it was like stumbling upon my meaning.



  1. You Will Feel Like He Is Too Good For You

I met this man … and he was everything I never knew I needed. I was drawn to him before we ever met. One hour into our first date and my reservations about him were completely shattered. I melted in my chair as I listened to this well-dressed, well-spoken, handsome man talk to me about his Company, family and his past. No drama, no digs at an ex, just an honest man sitting in front of me genuinely interested in connecting. I began to think that this may be the first real man I have ever been on a date with. I was so impressed by him. Months went on and his kindness never faded. No matter the disagreements we stumbled into – the intense love that I feel for this man only increased and he has never made me feel anything less than perfect even when I don’t feel like I deserve him. I don’t know how he does it.


  1. The Amount Of Love You Will Feel Is Overwhelming

When I think about how much I love this man lying next to me the thought is overwhelming. I thought that it must just be that new love feeling that fades with time … but time keeps moving and my love is only getting deeper. I have never loved a human-being more in my life. To say he is my soulmate just isn’t enough. Conversation comes easily like we have known each other our entire lives. Being with him felt like coming home – like everything that I have ever lost has come back to me and I am finally whole. I am so proud of the man he is and I am so proud that we get to choose each other. After all, it is a choice. It is truly a privilege to love so unconditionally and be so certain that I am being loved the same way in return. I finally get to wake up every morning with the love of my life.


  1. You Will Have Respect For Each other

Respect is something that is easily lost in a relationship. I see couples get comfortable with each other and begin to say hurtful things to each other thinking there is not any real consequence because you’re a permanent fixture in each other’s lives and it is heartbreaking to see those core values lost. I am no exception to this. When I say something in a moment of frustration and I can see that I’ve hurt him, it burns me to the core and is followed by the most intense feeling of shame. Looking at him reminds me to taste my words before I spit them out because I never want to be the reason for any of his pain. I would quite literally go to the end of the Earth for this man and I try as often as possible to bring nothing other than joy to his life. The respect that we keep for each other is admirable and I have never been more proud of the type of relationship I am building or who I am building it with.


  1. He Will Make You Want To Be Better

You will want to be better for each other. A dear friend told me that in her relationship their goal is to get each other to Heaven. I think that is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I want to work every day to get him to Heaven and I know he is doing the same for me. Then there really will be no end to this love as it will continue into eternity … that is true love. We try new things together and create new hobbies together. We are creating a life that is ours. He inspires me to be kind. He encourages me to work hard. If there were anything I could change, it would be to have met him sooner. I never want to spend a day without him in my life … and in the end, I want to be firm in my faith in knowing I will see him again.