I am convinced we are the same

From the way you think to the feelings felt when you’re alone with your thoughts

We are the same; I’m sure of it


I have never looked at someone so similar to myself

Aside from the peculiar identical birthmark that we share

Your thoughts mirror my thoughts

Even our demons are acquaintances


From completely different places

With very different materials

Somehow, we were created in like images on the inside


My soul has always felt lost

I have a feeling yours has too


Sometimes we think that we are doing everything right

With the right person

Going through the appropriate motions in life

But nothing ever felt right; an integral piece was missing

You were my piece


Intuition is a ruthless beast

Intuition will force you to feel the truth even when it tears you apart

Pushed down deep- past our immediate wants

Pushed down beneath the surface to avoid judgment

We care more about what others will think than about listening to ourselves


We could have saved so much time

We could have found each other so much sooner

If we would have listened to what we already knew

The parts of us that knew every yes should have been a no



But ultimately those choices led me to you


Time is something we can never get back

Nothing is more terrifying


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